Our Dogs 

Our Hot Dogs are made from the finest cuts of smoked pork and a tasty 
combination of herbs and spices. This meaty Hot Dog is traditionally 
smoked in an authentic Beechwood smoker to give a true Bockwurst taste.

Simple Frank  

Our Signature Beechwood Smoked Pork Bockwurst

Just sprinkled with Onions & Covered in Sauce

The New Yorker  

Just Covered in Cheese & Sprinkled with Bacon

Taste of Germany 

Sauerkraut, Kapusta & Crispy Onion

Texan Dog  

Homemade five bean chilli con carne,

Nacho Cheese & Jalapeños

Kansas City Dog 

Smothered in thick and sweet BBQ sauce and tender
Chicken pieces & Smoked Bacon


The Mexican 

For a colourful and exciting Hot Dog, try the Mexican Dog! with smooth guacamole,
salsa, sour cream and lots of cheese


Sloppy Joe’s Pulled Pork Dog   

Dry Rubbed, then Smoked for at least 12hrs, Pulled, then add the Jack Daniels,
Coke & Sticky BBQ Sauce, Topped in Slaw

Our premium Hot Dogs are made from the finest cuts of smoked pork, traditionally smoked in a Beechwood smoker to bring authentic, quality taste.

The perfect balance of herbs and spices give our products a superior flavour; from the traditional American style Bockwurst to the artisanal-inspired Bratwurst.

© 2014 Simple Franks

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